New Class Numbers

For the sake of simplicity, we have decided to rename all the classrooms in the New Building as LA 4. Class numbers for the 8 classes are as follows.


4.1 Janice and Anastasia    previously 4.2

4.2 Marisa and Jaye              previously 4.5

4.3 Chris H                                 previously 4.6

4.4 Sandra                                 previously 4.3

4.5 Stazz                                     previously 4.1

4.6 Penny                                   previously 4.4

4.7 Courtney and Nera         previously 2.8

4.8 Kate                                       previously 2.5

The logic here is that we have numbered the rooms, in a clockwise direction around the building, starting with the first classroom on the left as you enter from the western side-Janice and  Anastasia’s class and continued on.

Library 1 is now located in 2.8-much closer to the other year 2 classes.  Auslan classes will be held in Library 1 from now on. The previous Auslan room has now been reclaimed as our Library Annexe, much to the delight of Mandy and Alison.

All of the above is particularly important when ordering lunches. Adam and Sarah have ensured that our Qkr app reflects the changes above.


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