Covid-19 update number 5 Term 3

A huge thank you to all staff for implementing on line learning across classes last week, as a consequence of the lockdown. And special thanks to parents/carers who have taken on a more active teaching role, assisting their children with their learning. It has been a challenging time for all involved-students included! Let’s hope it only stays in place only for the next two days and we are all back to school on Wednesday. I will post any update once I am aware of what is happening. Whatever the outcome, I ask that parents/carers continue to drop your child/children at any of our gates. Leadership staff will be in attendance to assist you and your child coming into the school.

With regard to the next 2 days of lockdown, I ask that only the children of essential workers come to school. On Friday of last week we had 51 students in attendance, from 21 different classes. For the TRTs and volunteer staff at school, that effectively means delivering 6 different PLT based learning programmes to each of these students-a challenging task, although it is one we have managed very well I believe. This is a very different scenario from last year when some parents chose to keep their children at home even though there was no lockdown. All class teachers came to school and delivered an on line programme that was almost the same for students at home and for those at school. With teachers  teaching from home this year, the challenges are different.

Please only send your child if you are a designated essential worker or for other special reasons.

Much appreciated.




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