Bike/Scooter/Skateboard Safety

Safety at Brighton Primary School is always our top priority.  We have begun creating a protocol specifically around Bike/Scooter/Skateboard Safety when on site.  These protocols involve classroom teachers explicitly teaching a lesson around this issue to ensure all students are aware of the purpose of safety expectations when on-site.  This lesson will be implemented by all classes over the next 2 weeks.

It is important to note that from Week 4 this term, if a student does not comply, consequences for the failure to follow these guidelines shall be in accordance with the Behaviour Education Policy.

It is an expectation that all school community members (staff, parents/carers, students, visitors) follow this safety protocol.

Please discuss this important safety issue with your child.

Many thanks for your cooperation,


3 thoughts on “Bike/Scooter/Skateboard Safety

  1. Would it be possible to let parents know these protocols and expectations please so that we are also aware of what is expected.

    1. Sure Sam, but in essence it asks all students and adults to walk their scooter. skateboard or bike in the yard-very simple.

    2. Hi Sam, here are the Expectations directly taken from our protocol:

      NB: “on-site” is all external fences/gates, including the laneway into school from Highet Avenue (near road crossing), and laneway near LA3. Staff carpark is not to be accessed.
      All Students/Parents/Carers/Staff arriving and leaving on-site will:
      Walk their BSS (Bike Scooter Skateboard) safely and appropriately around the school community.
      Display awareness and respectful behaviour towards all members of the community (including where to ride outside of school).
      Expectations of BSS safety behaviours will be delivered via the blog to inform the school community.

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