Covid 19 Update number 1, term 3. Please drop your child at the gate

Advice received last night from the Minister of Education,John Gardner and the CE of DfE, Rick Perrse, was to restrict the movement of adults on school grounds until further notice. As a consequence, we ask that ALL parents drop their child off at the gates entering our school grounds and do not enter the school grounds at all. The same applies at the conclusion of the school day-meet your child at a designated gate- do not enter the school grounds.

We have successfully undertaken this approach previously and parents were very accommodating and understanding, making our implementation of a SA Health directive simple to undertake. Members of the leadership team will on duty at each school entrance, reminding parents of this important directive.


4 thoughts on “Covid 19 Update number 1, term 3. Please drop your child at the gate

    1. Hi Libby-this has been postponed. I understand Candice forwarded this information via Seesaw last night. We will update parents when we have the meeting planned.

  1. Does this mean that we can’t do after school sports training on the school grounds? And does it affect sports games played on the school oval on the weekends?

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