New Build Update

I think I best describe myself as an optimist, but that has certainly been challenged with the hand over of our new building. A final hand over date has now been set for Wednesday the 7th of July-the first Wednesday of the upcoming holidays. This delay is only due to the unavailability of our aluminium doors and windows. However, preparation for, and demolition of Learning 4 and the canteen, is proceeding as planned.

Due to this delay, it will mean that for the last 7 days of this term, the six LA 4 classrooms will need to be relocated to different locations, while the building is prepared for demolition, which will take place during the first week of the holidays. All affected staff are clearly aware of our plan which they will share with their students next week. It is inconvenient, but it is the reality.

We will be employing removalists to move much of our furniture, resources etc to the temporary spaces or to the hall, before we move into the new building.  Again removalists will be used, although students can transfer their personal belongings.

LA 2 will be totally renovated during the holidays-new carpet, new lockers with doors (the same as in our new building), all internal windows replaced matching our LA 1 renovation, painting of the entire area, application of an adflex finish on all the toilet floors and installation of new protective barriers at the tops of the stairs. Very exciting indeed.


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