Good Luck Renee

Renee Book, our Assistant Principal, Students at Risk and Reading Leader, has been asked to join the Curriculum Directorate as a Project Officer, for the remainder of this term and all of term 3. This is recognition of the outstanding leadership Renee has provided here at our school, rejuvenating our approach to the teaching of reading with a whole school approach, which has resulted in some significant and much needed gains in student literacy achievement. Our results have been recognised as very impressive.

Renee’s new role will be to provide that type of leadership across a range of primary school sites, helping them to shift their practice and approach and make the significant gains we have. Her focus will a whole school approach.

We wish Renee all the very best and look forward to her return in term 4 this year. An internal process will be undertaken to  appoint Renee’s replacement and then a contract teacher appointed to take on that teacher’s role. Once this is finalised I will update our community.

Good luck Renee.


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