Parking on Highet

Further to my post earlier re crossing safely on Highet Avenue, parents should be aware that there is NO parking adjacent to the Rugby oval (northern side) between 8-9am and 3-4pm on any week day. Holdfast Bay parking inspectors are very aware of this-and it is a significant fine. Again, this relates to safely crossing Highet Avenue-using the pedestrian crossing is the answer.


One thought on “Parking on Highet

  1. I would have just started the facts, plain and clear. Stopping, at all, on a yellow line is a breach of the road rules and punishable by a fine and demerit points. Plus, incredibly dangerous for the students. Also, it seems too many people seem to be unaware that the speed limit, that is, the MAXIMUM you’re allowed to drive, between the signs, one at the Lacrosse club, the other at the Reception gate, is 25 kph when any child is present, during school time or not. Even an observing police officer I spoke to outside the school a few weeks ago was shocked at the speed some were doing. He was alone and only there to show a presence and said he was powerless to do anything at the time.

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