Year 7 STEM PBL Problem

On Monday, the Year 7’s were given their STEM problem from Fulton Hogan that we will begin tackling next term.  This problem is “How can we help Fulton Hogan safely and sustainably stop the erosion of the walls on lagoons 4 and 5 while keeping the Bolivar Water Treatment Plant running?”.

Obviously this is a very complicated problem that is going to require some good researching, and some conversations with experts – of which we are all excited to get into!!

Below you can see some pictures of the presentation Olivia, Brayden, and Martin gave us, along with some of our mind mapping around the problem.

On Friday April 9, the Year 7 Community will be going to the Bolivar Treatement Plant to assess the damage, and see how the Bolivar Treatment Plant works.  From what we heard from the Fulton Hogan representatives, it is quite complicated, but very interesting.

Stay tuned for developments about our progress on this project!!

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