New Build Update – Time Lapse Video -March

For those who haven’t seen the excellent progress of the construction of our new building, here is the latest time lapse/drone footage. To get an understanding of how the building is aligned try this.

Imagine standing on the volleyball courts looking east- towards the oval. The large raised roof divides the building in half, although the southern ‘wing’ is larger than the northern ‘wing’. On the southern side, your right, the rooms are:  new canteen (external of the entrance), two classrooms, a large Science/Art/Stem space, a teacher preparation area and then two more classrooms. Immediately adjacent to the last classroom is a withdrawal space and a communications room. Head back to the volleyball courts, look east again-towards the oval. On the northern side, your left, the rooms are: student and staff toilets(external of the entrance), two classrooms, a very large outside deck space that is under cover and then two more classrooms.

Running through the centre of the building is a large open ‘break out’ space, that can accommodate a number of classes, joining together to undertake their learning as collaborative classes.

The entrance to the building is from the west (from the volleyball courts) -under the large raised roof that divides the building.

Feel free to comment, as feedback as been very minimal. We would appreciate any feedback as this is the biggest ever building project ever undertaken at our school.


2 thoughts on “New Build Update – Time Lapse Video -March

  1. Very exciting to watch this new space take shape. We’re really happy with how Elody has settled in at BPS!

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