Facilities Upgrade


There is no doubt, that from the point of view of upgrading our school facilities, we really are flying! We have requested quotes from Sarah’s and other contractors, on a vast array of undertakings that are very exciting indeed. We have budgeted a significant amount of money, which we have managed carefully over the years and we have other sources of funds which will make these improvements a reality. This is our wish list!

  • Upgrading of LA 2 -new carpet, interior windows, painting, toilet renovations and installation of new student lockers-with doors!
  • Re-asphalting the entire school
  • Consideration of a COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area)
  • Establishing a new school entrance/garden area. Chris Hansen’s higher band maths students have drawn up a plan
  • Re-cladding of LA 5
  • Establishing a new green space, once LA 4 and the canteen have been demolished, including upgrading the ‘undulating’ paved space, just south of LA 3. Our grounds committee is assisting with this initiative as are our students through a STEM project
  • Upgrade the toilets adjacent to LA 5 and LA 6
  • Re-sign the entire school
  • Develop the grounds adjacent to the new building
  • Re-develop the play space at the rear of LA 3
  • Installation of a shipping container on the school oval to house all sports equipment-for play at recess and lunch
  • Re-furbishing our front office

The above is a very comprehensive and  expensive number of projects, that we may need to prioritise, depending on cost. This will be managed by the Facilities Committee in consultation with the Governing Council.

Jan has also managed to secure funding (DfE cost) for 4 very expensive projects including:

  • Installation of a lift in LA 1
  • Refurbishment of the boys toilets in LA 2
  • Installation of an automatic door at our front entrance
  • Upgrading the sewer pipes on the northern side of LA 1-costing over $160K !

Top job Jan!

I have updated our GC and they are very supportive and excited about what lays ahead.


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