Beach Volleyball Carnival -Term 1

This year the Beach Volleyball Carnival will be either the 4th or 5th of March.
Students have put their team nominations in and we have 16 teams keen on participating. Year 7’s will be on camp and so the number of nominations is slightly lower. During week 3 we will have trials with same year level teams playing against each other. Only the top few teams will be invited to the carnival. Teams that do not make it are encouraged to train hard ready for the indoor and term 4 beach carnivals. All teams attending these carnivals must have a parent manager with current police clearance.
Further updates with the final date will come after we nominate teams online
Jeff Miller

2 thoughts on “Beach Volleyball Carnival -Term 1

  1. Hi,
    What year does volleyball commence and where is the information please on submitting a team, enrolling, registering interest? Thanks so much

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