School Phone Lines Transitioning to NBN

Our school is scheduled to have its external phone lines transitioned to the NBN on Thursday 4th February, week 2.  This transition is taking place in the morning of at some time between 9 and 12.

There is an expected time of 1/2 to 1 hour where the phone lines will actually be entirely disconnected.  We will be diverting the incoming calls to a mobile number, but as you can probably appreciate, a mobile can’t handle the multiple lines and transferring of calls to people in the same fashion as the normal phone system can. We ask that you have patience with us during this time.

The staff have been made aware of this and will be checking for email and SeeSaw messages more regularly during this time. Staff will also have their mobile phones in the classrooms should the need for an outgoing emergency call be needed but are not expected to use their personal phones to return calls to parents during this time.

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