Welcome to the 2021 School Year

To all members of the Brighton Primary School community-welcome to the 2021 school year which begins this Wednesday the 27th of January! Special welcome to our 104 new Foundation students and their families, many of whom are new to our school. We all hope that your child has a very positive and enjoyable start to their schooling at Brighton Primary. To the 40 plus year 1-7 enrolments, new to our school, we also you wish you the very best here at our school.

Special welcome to new members of staff. New teachers include:  Alistair-year 7, 6.2; Kate-year 3, 2.5; Amy-Health and PE; Assunta-year Foundation, 3.3; Tanya-year 4, 4.5; Belinda -TOD, 6.4 and Nera-year 2/3, 2.7 and year 3, 2.8. Welcome to Sally newly appointed as an SSO and to Oksana and Vinnie newly appointed as BSSOs.

What an exciting year we have ahead, particularly with our New Build progressing quickly with all the underground services nearing completion. In the very near future we will see the actual new building rising upwards. As we have done previously, we will keep our community very well informed.

With regard to Covid-19 procedures, all that was in place at the end of last year remains, except parents/caregivers  are now permitted to enter the school grounds, but as in 2020 can not enter classrooms. Please respect this, as our community did so well last year. Parents of our Foundation students can enter classrooms for the first week, but must ‘sign in’ with our unique QR code, just as you would if entering a shop at Marion. Parents should have no need to enter the front office or the library but if a ‘must’, again utilising the QR code is required. These QR codes are on the entry points to each of these spaces.

Please be aware of the road works that are happening on Highet Avenue over the next number of weeks-traffic flow will be in a westerly direction only down Highet Avenue during the day. As outlined previously parents/caregivers can access the carparks opposite our school (Football/Rugby/Lacrosse Clubs) and utilise the school crossing to safely enter our school grounds. Lots of construction is happening currently, but the outcome will be outstanding for our school!

I was very impressed with the support our school community provided us throughout a very challenging 2020 and considering we are ‘not yet out of the woods’ I look forward to this continuing this year-it is sincerely appreciated.

Here’s to a fantastic start to our school year. Welcome back everyone!


PS The school grounds will be ‘off limits/out of bounds’ on the weekend of the 30th and 31st of January as an old asbestos pipe under the new building site will be safely removed. Our community can be assured that this will be done in a very professional and safe manner.



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