Pupil Free Day February 17th

As our school community is aware, Numeracy is one of our three priorities on our Site Improvement Plan. Late last year we were very fortunate to be able to secure the services of Professor Di Siemon, RMIT University, to provide all staff with training and development in ‘Big Ideas In Number’, which is ‘the foundation of making sense of number and mathematics.’ Di is very much in demand Australia wide, so to secure her when available is very exciting. The Pupil Free Day (PFD) available is Wednesday the 17th of February-Wednesday of week 4. I have always sought  GC approval for any PFD but in this case this has not been possible-I have, however, updated our 2020 GC earlier this week regarding this upcoming Pupil Free Day. It is important that I updated our community as soon as possible, hence this Blog post. OSHC services will be available as with any PFD.




One thought on “Pupil Free Day February 17th

  1. Hi Ian.

    Thanks for disseminating the information promptly.

    Is it possible to get the blog calendar updated frequently this year to reflect updates like this? Last year it was difficult to keep track of everything as blog posts often conflicted with the calendar.


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