Year 7 Graduation – Class of 2020

The final video has been edited and put together for your viewing. As per several requests, it has been essentially left “as is” in terms of its content so as to produce as authentic view of the event as possible. Mistakes, microphone adjustments and all.  However, the content that was missing due to the COVID-19 version of the event has been edited in.

You will find that the slideshow that would have been shown as part of the graduation is embedded into the bottom corner at relevant times.

The music video that was produced is included twice; the first time has the audio overlaid that was “as is” on the night with the graduates singing, and the second the original edit of the video clip.

At the end is the slideshow of all the photos taken by the photographer on the night.  We have sought his permission to include them for you in this way. However, if you wish to download a copy or order prints you will need to do that through his website.  We will send the link and access password to you via Teams and SeeSaw.

The video has been posted to the Year 7 Learning Portal in Teams, under a folder called Graduation 2020.  Your graduating student will be able to log you into this team to access the file.  You have a few options available to you then.

  1. You can view it in teams as a stream,
  2. you can download the file from teams,
  3. or, due to its very large size, nearly 30Gb, you are invited to bring your own USB drive in during school hours on Monday 18th January 2021 to Wednesday 20th January 2021 and we will copy the file on for you.

***If you are choosing the USB option please be aware that it will require 30Gb of free space and be formatted in NTFS.  If it is not formatted as NTFS, or you are unsure, we can do that for you, but, be aware that this process will erase anything else that maybe on the drive. ***

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