End of Year Message from the Chair, Governing Council

As we move closer to the end of term, as Chair of Governing Council, I wanted to take the time to reflect on what has been a most tumultuous year. 2020 will live long in the memories for all of us because of the challenges we faced to our personal, work and social lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many have faced hardships that in January would have seemed completely unthinkable, whilst many others on the front line have generously given their time to support the State during the crisis.

Through all of this the school leadership has acted with the safety and well-being of our students, their families, staff and the broader community at heart. I would like to thank Ian, the leadership group, teachers and staff at BPS for the wonderful work they have done through 2020. As a Governing Council we have seen first hand the difficulties and challenges the school has faced in navigating through this ever-changing situation. The far reaching and constantly changing directions from government and health experts have placed a significant burden on the staff; all of whom, we have to remember, have their own families to be concerned about as well as looking out for our children. They deserve to be thanked and applauded by every single parent who has a child at Brighton Primary School.

Ae we move towards Christmas and the New Year please spare a thought for those less fortunate; for those who may have lost their job, faced long periods of time away from family or been impacted in some other way by this pandemic. Above all else please be kind, to yourself and others, during this holiday period.

Warm regards and best wishes to all of the Brighton Primary School Community.

Simon Froude

One thought on “End of Year Message from the Chair, Governing Council

  1. Thanks Simon very much for your very kind and supportive words. It most certainly has been a very challenging year and I congratulate my staff and students for the way they are managed the challenges of Covid-19. Well done all!

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