Update about the Celebration Concert

Thank you to all those who connected with us for our live stream.

It has been a focus to include the community in our school events as much as possible, especially during COVID-19 times, and as such we are constantly reflecting on our successes and failures and learning how to improve. We as a school have loved presenting in this fashion and whilst we are not perfect at it, do feel it is a great way to share with, and involve, you.

I recognise that there was some uncertainty around the initial link. I want to apologise for any inconvenience however the original link posted did not work and I needed to create a new one at the time of streaming. To the best of my knowledge, youtube gives you one shot at the stream with the link it creates.  As we don’t have a dedicated setup for streaming we adapt existing equipment and make it work but, the first link, decided to flick to the internal camera of my laptop rather than the external equipment we were setup to use.

As Ian stated, we will put together a packaged version of the concert for you as soon as possible and make available for you to download and keep for yourself.  The exact package and method of download we are working on and will update you as soon as we can however the quality of the production will be much higher.

As previously stated the youtube streamed version is still up and will remain up until the end of the year to view as it stands, the link that actually worked is here.

5 thoughts on “Update about the Celebration Concert

    1. I understand your concern Rhiana. Rest assured that we will do our best to capture the event to share it with you.

  1. Hi,
    Will this mean the quality is better so we can actually see people?
    I understand it’s a learning process but the same issues were there with book week and sport day. We can not distinguish individuals at all.

    1. Yes Sue. You will be able to see people as the video available will be the original rather than the live stream recording. We will let you know when it is ready to download.

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