Kangaroo Island Camp Update


To Year 5 and Year 6 Families (Year 6 and Year 7 in 2021),

Recently we sent home information about the 2021 Kangaroo Island Camp that is booked in for March 2021. Our decision to go to Kangaroo Island was because we found this camp had more links to the curriculum compared to other SA alternatives. It was also a great opportunity to support the community and economy of Kangaroo Island recently ravaged by devastating fires. This was certainly the sentiment of many Brighton families.

We appreciate that the cost of the camp is quite expensive, however we hope families understand that our aim to compensate for not going on an exciting interstate camp by including some amazing experiences for the students that do cost a little more (i.e. the Ocean Safari and UTV Tour).

We have spoken to the tour company and they have sent us a breakdown of the expenses for our trip. This camp is not compulsory for students to attend, however it should be understood that we will not be providing an alternative option for those that do not attend. We will not be changing our itinerary/plans unless the weather causes issues.

Below are some of the fixed approximate costings on the major camp items. There are also staff wages and associated costs of running the tour company to factor on top of this.

· Camping = $35pp/night = $140

· UTV Tour $97pp

· Ocean Safari – $44pp

· Ferry = $44/child, $74/adult

· Seal Bay – $28.50pp

· Raptor Domain – $24pp

· Bee Hive – $8pp

· Flinders Chase $12pp

· Catering – $225 (includes all food and logistical costs of ferry & accommodation for caterer)

= $625 of variable costs per person

The remainder of the expenses are fixed costs which include:

· 4 x Bus and trailer hire

· Ferry costs for all vehicles and staff

· Staff/driver wages for each group (4 x staff for 5 days)

· Operational expenses i.e. picking, packing, organising

· Insurances

· Safety equipment including Satellite phones/ Inreach and UHF’s

· Venue hire for meals

· Other operational costs including COVID equipment cleaning and materials

These fixed costs are split over the group.

Due to the recent developments with COVID-19, we thought it was fair that we offered families some extra time to arrange their deposit of $100. This was due by Friday 27th November, and now is due on Wednesday 2nd December. As stated in our last note, after receiving this deposit you will be sent an invoice for the balance of the camp ($1,050). Unless you have organised a payment plan, it is expected that the total amount is paid by Friday 12th of February, or you will lose your deposit and your child will not be able to attend this camp.

I have been asked about the tent sleeping arrangements for this camp. After speaking to the tour company, based on our numbers, they expect to have 2 students per tent. On the first night the students will be encouraged to set up their tents (with support available) and will sleep in the tent with the same person for the remainder of the trip. If students prefer to sleep alone, I am told that there will be some extra tents available for this.

As we have never been on the Kangaroo Island camp previously, we are unsure exactly how the trip will look. If families have questions or issues, please let me know via email (Candice.Martin28@schools.sa.edu.au) and I will do my best to get an answer to you ASAP, and if required, forward this information onto the rest of the Year 5/6 community. Please understand that my response may not be immediate as currently I am quite busy with end of year celebrations for our current Year 7’s.

Kind Regards

Candice Martin

Year 7 Teacher/Camp Organiser

Brighton Primary School


4 thoughts on “Kangaroo Island Camp Update

  1. Looks amazing. I fully support the opportunity to give back to a community and the kids will have a lot of fun. Thank you for pulling this together so they don’t miss out on a year 7 adventure.

  2. Hi Candice..
    Will they be sleeping in a tent with a friend or just allocated a tent mate?
    Thanx for all your hard work. I know this must be tough…

    1. Hi Cecilia
      I have just spoken to Candice and the students will have a say in who is in their tent. That might be a student selected from a group of friends by the teacher or potentially the students will choose. Rest assured that no students will be made to share a tent with someone they are not comfortable with.

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