Ekiden Results

My apologies to our school community for not updating everyone  with regards to our outstanding Ekiden Relay results as outlined below. Thanks to Rosie H who pointed out this omission. Huge thanks to Chantel-what a coach!   Ian

In the first week of term 4 we had 5 teams participate in the SAPSASA Ekiden relay race. This is a 11.1km race with 6 runners. The event is held at Bonython parklands along the River Torrens. We entered 5 teams, 2 boys, 2 girls and one mixed team. We have been so lucky to have Chantel Peacock as our running club coordinator who has supported and coached the Brighton students. Students trained on Friday mornings, some class times and during their school holidays. We won both the girls and boys division against some high-quality private schools. We also won the majority of the individual legs. Moving towards 2021 we are looking for a replacement for Chantel as her children move onto high school. She has been a wonderful asset to supporting not only the Ekiden relay but also supporting the Cross Country events.


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  1. Thank you for acknowledging these students as they have been training hard for some time. Thanks to Chantel too for giving up her time and preparing them so well for it.

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