Canteen on Sports Day

Canteen pre order lunch packs will be available for sports day, orders close on the 6th of November.
Please order through QKR, No cash orders please.

Pack A:   Beef cheese burger, fruit box, fruit bar, ice block and chips
Pack B:   Vegetarian cheese burger, fruit box, fruit bar, ice block and chips.

$1 house colour snacks will be available from the canteen at recess and lunch, all regular over the counter items will be available but NO other lunches will be available.

Thanks Mandy

2 thoughts on “Canteen on Sports Day

    1. Hi Leslee
      Sports Day will be held on Monday the 16th of November and a link will be sent to parents via our Blog and Seesaw to allow parents to view the action live. A schedule will be published shortly. We have updated the calendar to reflect this.
      Thank you for your comment

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