Sports Day

With the ongoing challenges associated with Covid-19 Sports Day will look a little different this year. The first and most important difference is that we will not be having families attend on the day.  We will however, be live streaming many of the events as well as creating videos for Seesaw. The second change will be the timetable of the day. The basic timetable will be Health Hustle, Tabloid events and afternoon running races for students in year 4-7. There will not be any championships race or parent/teacher event.

Over the past 2 years we have enjoyed the support of year 11  specialist PE students from Seda College, who have come to our school on a number of occasions to offer a range of sport offerings to our students -under the supervision of their teachers. This has proved a great success. Eighteen such students will be joining us on our Sports Day and offering maximum support to our early years classes in the absence of parents. This will free up teachers and ancillary staff to be able to photograph and video their students’ participation, which will be posted to Seesaw.

A more detailed timetable will be available closer to the event, providing families with live streaming times. We really appreciate the understanding and flexibilities that families have shown with these changes.  Our Sports Day will be held on Monday the 16th of November.

Jeff, Sally and Ian

7 thoughts on “Sports Day

  1. Hi Ian
    It’s very dissapointing the school has chosen parents are not allowed to attend sports day even one parent when other schools have. It’s an outside event and alot of sporting events have started. It’s sad i cant attend my daughter’s last primary school sports day as i haven’t been able to attend many previously. I wish the school would reconsider. Thanks

  2. I am very upset about this decision. I have come to Sports day for the last 7 years and this is my son’s last sports day at Brighton Primary. He worked very hard to be chosen as Sports Captain this year and I wanted to be there to see him undertake this role. I would understand if we were still in lockdown but given we have now opened most of our borders, are accepting travellers from New Zealand and held an AFL final, I would think we could develop a COVID safe plan that would be accepted by SA health. I am happy to help out on the day, and undertake the COVID Marshall training if that would help.

  3. Please reconsider this. Other schools have allowed parents to attend. Even just one. We could fill out a slip letting the school know who is attending to allow for the majorly slim possibility that you will need to contact trace. We can go to the footy we can attend pubs, clubs and travel within SA.. surely we can attend our kids sports day? It’s my sons last one (year 7)

  4. Would it be possible for receptions and year 7 parents to come and be spectators? First and last memories and moments can’t be replaced. I sure there are many parents that would be happy to help in any way, and many that would be covid marshalled trained from their workplaces.
    Many other schools in SA have had sports days with parents (or 1 parent) there to watch!

  5. Can I please ask if any comments were received relating to this post? If so, is it possible to publish them? It’s important for our school community to feel that they are being heard – I note that there are lots of comments on this item on Facebook, it would be ideal if the ‘conversation’ was on the blog instead, as this is viewed by all subscribing care givers, not only those with a fb account.Thanks.

    1. Your comment is the only one we have received on the blog for this post Spencer. We do our best to publish all comments for an open community conversation and respond as soon as we can. We agree that it is vital to keep the community informed and give everyone a chance to be heard. Whether they choose to voice their opinions on Facebook or our Blog that is their decision. Generally we find Facebook will hold the majority of community comments but it is on this platform that we will respond if appropriate.

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