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Whilst the Art show this year is very different it is still a real celebration of student skill and creativity in visual arts. Mel Phillips and Steph Dawson have offered students the opportunity to try different medium, styles and skills and as a result the video attached depicts a myriad of different piece of artwork across the school. Both the teachers and students are to be commended on the quality and diversity of these works and…..THEY ARE ALL FOR SALE!

Some of the background music is also original, created by the 4/5 students in Music with Amanda Cheah.

You have the opportunity to buy these pieces at a cost of $5 each, even local government want to buy our artwork so get in quick. Payment is available via QKR or cash to the front office. Please pay before Friday 25th September so they can go home at the end of the term. Once paid, students take their receipt to the art room and collect their treasure to go home.

Visual Art Learning details from Mel and Steph:

This term has been a lovely time in the art room with the foundations. Students discussed how we can find art in nature, and use the naturally occurring shapes and colours to produce artworks. We then found parts of nature to create organic shapes that could depict different scenes and planned a collage; looking at overlap, the space between objects, and lines. We painted backgrounds using acrylic paint variations – using primary colours to discover how they mix and effect each other.  We then arranged their collections into a final design and glued them down. Using collage as their main focus foundations have created trees, faces and ocean scenes.

This term year 1 students started by collaborating, using marbling techniques to experiment with the way colours interact. They painted and marbled paper and cut organic shapes to create leaves and petals for their collage. Classes’ end products varied with the overarching theme of floral arrangements, inspired by Frida Khalo.

In year 2 we have used recycled containers to produce indoor planters. We looked at various options and classes chose to go with the theme of faces, particularly faces that show emotion, faces that use unusual line work, and masked faces (2.8). We used paper mache to form a thicker and more interesting texture around the containers then used either earthy or bright paint to form a base colour. The design process was emphasised as students followed a plan that they had devised. We hope you enjoy the pot plants in your home and it brings a smile to your face every time you walk past!

The Year 3s have looked at the artist Piet Mondrian. He is best known for his abstract paintings made from squares and rectangles and using primary colours. Students drew and designed an animal which they then filled with Piet Mondrian style design and colours with black outline. The year 3’s worked hard and the results are evident.

The year 4/5s have had a fantastic term, and so much fun playing with clay. They have used the design process to create flat works, tiles, wall hangings, fish, bowls, cups, faces and mobiles from air dry clay. They have then decorated them by painting and drawing on them. The mobiles have been hung by string from driftwood or sticks. It has been a noisy, messy, creative, enjoyable experience and it was great to see the year 4/5s being so creative.

The Year 6’s have had a great time this term making our version of screen printing a positive and negative picture. After researching and designing their picture they then traced it and drew it onto a clear plastic film. They carefully cut out their design and we printed them flipping them over to get the positive and negative image. Lots of practice, patience, paint and pain went into these pieces I hope you enjoy them.

The Year 7s have been working hard creating their mosaics. The process has many steps starting with designing an idea. They then had to bring in an item to mosaic. Using a mixture of old crockery, glass and carefully cut tiles, they have produced an array of objects, mostly decorative with their unique mosaic design cemented on. It has been a noisy, messy, creative, fun experience and it was great to see the innovative ideas they produced and their individuality that showed through in their pieces. Well done Year 7s!

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  1. Just amazing, thank you BPS for organising this project. We appreciate all the hard work that went in to bringing this together.

    1. Thanks very much
      It certainly was a lot of work but the results were extremely pleasing. The kids were very proud to show their work.

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