Year 7 Community’s annual Enterprise Market Stall

The Year 7 Community’s annual Enterprise Market Stall will be held in Week 10 of Term 3 across two consecutive recess breaks. Students from across the school will have the opportunity to purchase from the stall, which will be hosted by the Year 7 students in LA6 across the Monday and Tuesday of week 10. Up for sale are a range of products that have been designed and created by our students as part of their Student Enterprise Project. The products are low-budget, cheap to purchase and were designed with up-cycling in mind.

On Monday, the stall will be open for students in years 2-6.

On Tuesday, the stall will be open for students in years Reception and Year 1.

As in previous years, the stall is CASH ONLY, and we kindly ask that your child is not supplied large notes for purchasing any products. All money raised is returned to the school to fund the Enterprise Project in future years, and to help fund some Year 7 Community graduation activities.

A new inclusion to our Enterprise Project was that students have created their own website/other online media to advertise their product. The link to each of the students’ websites will be posted to the school blog leading up to the stall in the form of an easy to navigate catalogue. The catalogue will include the name of the student, a brief description of the product, and a URL link to access the site. We encourage families to explore the online catalogue prior to the stall day to browse what’s on offer, as well as prices.

More information on the Student Enterprise Project, and the catalogue will be posted to the Blog shortly.

Year 7 Community Educators

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