National Week of Deaf People – Week 10

Brighton Primary School is celebrating National Week of Deaf People 2020 in Week 10.  This year’s theme is:

“Reaffirming Deaf People’s Human Rights”.

National Week of Deaf People (NWDP) is a weeklong national celebration of Deaf individuals and the Deaf Australian community. NWDP starts on the 19th September and concludes on the 25th September. The Migration Museum also opens a special Deaf exhibition on Sunday 20th September.

In 2020, Brighton Primary School’s CDE is hosting several events to celebrate our Deaf students, their families, the Auslan language, and the rich culture and history of our Deaf community. Please join us in our celebrations in Week 10.

Monday – To introduce NWDP, all Brighton students to watch the Deaf Acknowledgement ( and a short video about yard duty signs, prepared by our CDE students

Tuesday – Special Breakfast Club for Week 10 – “A Silent Breakfast:Auslan only”. Students can come along to our Special Breakfast Club which is Auslan only. Practice your signing of our breakfast foods: toast, jam, vegemite, apples, oranges, bananas and hot chocolate. Gold coin donation to go towards a Deaf charity/fundraiser.

Throughout the day the CDE students and Kylee Haar will be presenting certificates and announcing the winners of our annual Fingerspelling Competition.

Wednesday – Join us online at the School’ Blog at 9.40am for a 9.45am start for our “Live Streamed” National Week of Deaf People Assembly, hosted by the CDE students. Our CDE classes will be presenting their items in the STEM room in Auslan and will be voice interpreted. All other classes will be viewing our assembly from their own classrooms. (Once the assembly is finished the video will no longer be available due to privacy/safety concerns.) All classes will enjoy their recess eating time using their Auslan skills.

Friday – Teachers vs Year 7’s end of term lunchtime competition (weather permitting). Teachers and student will play with the same rules and umpiring as Deaf sports. No calling out or whistles from the umpires but the rather the use of flags and lots of hand waving!

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