Dear Families,

It is always a requirement that students wear our Brighton Primary School uniform with pride and respect. As a friendly reminder, please click here for our School Uniform Policy that has been approved by the school community through the Governing Council.

When an Incorrect Uniform is worn, children are sent to the Front Office.  A notice will be sent home to notify parents/caregivers, if your child is not wearing the correct uniform.  Please read through this notice to familiarise yourself with the process we follow at Brighton Primary.

With swimming over the next 2 weeks, those students involved are wear warm suitable clothing to school if no school uniform is available. Please name every item of clothing being worn, and sent as a change of clothes, including towels bathers and goggles. We endeavour to return all lost property to their rightful owners but are unable do this if they are not named.

We are also delaying the reintroduction and requirement of our students to wear school hats outside (“No hat, no play”) to Monday 21st September (Wk 10). This delay is due to our students attending swimming. If you choose to send a hat in with your child between now and then, that is welcomed. Please remember the school beanie is not a substitute for the school hat.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support

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