Apple iPad 1:1 Program

We are excited to announce the first step towards 1:1 devices at Brighton Primary. We have worked with the Department for Education, Apple Education and CompNow to develop a sustainable program to increase the number of devices and the infrastructure we have here at our school.

As of today, all Year 6 and 7 students at Brighton Primary School have an iPad 7th Generation 128Gb model with a Logitech Rugged Folio keyboard case assigned to them.  This means that the device is available to them at any time during the day, always has their work on it and the apps they use signed into their accounts. We have noticed very quickly that our students have become extremely comfortable and proficient with the use of their device.

The year 7’s received their device in the first week of term and the 6’s over the last week.  So far the feedback from the staff and students has been extremely positive.

iPad was the chosen device due to price, reliability and flexibility. Improved skills in the use of this device will also support students who move on to Brighton Secondary and Seaview High as they use iPads in their middle years programs.

We have negotiated a fantastic deal with the partners above- we will pay them off at 0% interest over a three year period, with the option to return them after two years and not make any further payments. The decision whether to keep or return the devices will be made at the commencement of the third year, in consultation with IT. This initiative is the product of a year-long discussion as it is new to SA Schools, primary in particular.

We would like to acknowledge the hard work over the first half of this year put in by Ian Filer, Christie Evans, Adam Coulls, IT&C Committee members, DfE ICT Services and Apple Education to get us to this point.  The work doesn’t stop here though, as the plan is to continue to develop this over the coming years.

Staff undertook the first 2 courses in a series of training courses from Apple’s Education team at last weeks staff meeting.  Staff will continue to receive training in the effective use of, not only the iPad itself, but in the apps that we have already begun to use and apps that we will look to use in the future. High quality training and development for all staff  is crucial to ensure all educators can use and deploy their  iPad in the best possible learning context.

Christie & Adam


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