Visitors to BPS

As classes continue to connect with industry as part of their STEM problem based learning projects we have had some special visitors to the school.

The year 7 classes are working with the Adelaide Crows, in particular the women’s team, to develop a recruitment strategy and advise rookie players on best play. Katie Gloede and some junior league players worked with the year 7 students to explore reaction time, trajectory, angle and force of kick and their influence on distance.


Bec and Sally’s foundation class also had a visitor as part of their STEM inquiry into the Hooded Plovers that live on our local beaches. Ligita, the plover lover, is a volunteer with Holdfast Shores Council responsible for the protection of this threatened species. She spoke to the students about her role and the implication of beach use on these birds. The foundation students will support her work by exploring what they can do to aid the protection of this little bird. They already have some great ideas and we look forward to seeing what they come up with.


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