Volleyball Carnival – Wednesday 12 August

For those students and team managers attending the Volleyball Carnival this Wednesday, please find a few important notes to be aware of.

COVID-19 Information


  • Stay home if you are unwell.
  • Keep 1.5 metre distance from others wherever and whenever possible.
  • Adhere to the density requirement of 1 person per 2 square meters.
  • Wash or sanitize hands and common surfaces regularly.


At this stage only school supervisors are permitted for supervision purposes and must adhere to physical distancing whenever and wherever possible.



Click here for the COVID Safe map which outlines entry/exit point throughout the venue. At the conclusion of matches teams must collect their belongings and exit the playing area and return to their school’s designated non-playing area as soon as possible unless they are playing in the following time slot. 


–          Teams are to be reminded of NO hugs, hi-fives, handshaking, huddles when on court. Teams must change ends by individuals taking own drink bottles/gear only. If you are sick or showing symptoms please do not attend.

–          Volleyball SA have employed additional staff the help manage the smooth running of this event and ensure that all rules and restrictions are followed.

–          Sanitation stations will be located at each entry and exit point as well as throughout the stadium so please make sure to use them when passing through.



We all must continue to follow government guidelines and practice social distancing at all times. VSA recommends that those in attendance should have the COVID Safe App installed and active on their mobile device. 



Version 1 is the latest Version of the draw. I will have up to date draws available for you on the day of the event. Please note these draws are subject to change and you will be notified if any changes are made. For now you can find the draw here: https://www.volleyballsa.com.au/psc

Please familiarise yourself with the draw and times between now and your event. Please understand that due to low nominations in certain divisions some teams have been merged into a higher / lower divisions to strengthen the competition.

*Please note, if your team is highlighted in a specific colour this is because you are spread across multiple courts throughout the day so please make sure you check each court.


Due to large numbers we have had to extend our game times to start a little earlier. Please arrive at the Venue by 9:00am, upon arrival please check in with the VSA Staff as you will then be given a designated are for your school in our “Break Away” area. Please familiarise yourself with the venue and follow the COVID Safe Map attached to this email so that you are where you need to be so that games can run smoothly and are on time. The technical meeting will be then be held at 9:10am sharp (1 School Representative needs to be present at the technical meeting, students are to remain in designated school area) where the rules and regulations will be outlined along with any other relevant information so that games can commence by 9:30am and finish by 2:30pm as per the draw.

Games will go for a total of 14minutes (14 minute game, change of ends at 7 minute mark).


If you haven’t already please familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations found here.

Again please be mindful of court space and restrictions outlined above. Please also be respectful of staff and the venue, no food or drink is to enter the playing area, please also ensure that they is to be no loitering in the main foyer when students are not playing. If you have participated in this event before, you will know that Marion can be quite squishy, so with the help of all teachers we are hoping that the day can still run as smooth as possible.

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