Boom Gate Installation

On Monday of next week a Boom gate will be installed to the entrance to the staff carpark. This has been necessary due to the ongoing use of the car park by a number of parents dropping off and picking up their child/children-which is prohibited and clearly dangerous. Early next week the boom gate will become operational and will only be accessed by staff, disabled car park users and other DfE personnel. The gate will operated by an access card issued to appropriate people. In the event that a parent has to come to school for an emergency and the gate is down, contact can be made to Sarah in the front office, via an intercom, so she can lift the boom gate. The gate will be down before and after school, during those very busy drop off and pick up times and up at all other times. This action has the full endorsement of our Governing Council.


7 thoughts on “Boom Gate Installation

  1. surely this is not the best use of school resources. Perhaps a modicum of consideration by parents would mean the school would not have to waste limited resources just because people do not know how to follow rules? Very disappointed in the community

    1. Mick-this has ben a constant problem for our school despite parents been approached on many occasions. This morning for instance 6 parents drove into the car park to drop off their child/children. This will no longer happen and students will be safer as a consequence. I agree a ‘modicum of consideration’ would have been a sensible solution.

    2. mick, lazy people always find a way to shortcut things, like parking all over the no parking areas along Highet ave. Irks me no end. I’m surprised the councils not out there more often.

      1. Absolutely agree Steve. Highet Ave becomes a nightmare quickly in the mornings because people can’t follow the rules and park within clearly marked yellow line zones which then means traffic cannot flow freely.

        The other entry on Highet Ave near the Fasta Pasta carpark has become a defacto “Kiss and Drop Zone” despite the clearly marked yellow lines in this area and I expect this will become worse now with the installation of the boom gate.

        We are all time poor in the morning but I fail to understand how people think the rules don’t apply to them. Many times people can’t even manage to use it as a kiss and drop area…..oh look theres another mum I know I might just have a chat to them through the car window whilst I am clearly parked on a yellow line and completely oblivious to the traffic backed up behind them on Highet Avenue.

        It is just frustrating beyond belief that because people cannot show any level of consideration our students suffer. Imagine what we could do as a school community with $20,000 instead of spending it on a boom gate because some parents feel they are more important than the rest of us.

        1. Thanks for your comments Mick. Just to clarify, the cost of the boom gate was just over $9,000 not $20,000 as stated above. In the end I believe it is money well spent with the safety of our students the driving factor. Another plus is that our 4 parents that have a disabled parking permit can now be guaranteed that their parks will be available on any day. This has been a greatly appreciated by each parent, who were often coming to school to see their parks occupied ‘illegally’ despite my repeated attempts to request that they not be used.

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