Brighton PS out and about

Students have been out and about this week as restrictions have finally been lifted albeit with some limitations and adaptations.

On Wednesday 4.3 and 4.5 walked to Brighton beach and worked with Holdfast Shores council and Trees for Life to plant native scrubs in the sand dunes. We planted almost 300 plants. The volunteers were extremely impressed with the students’ work and how they interacted with the project. 4.3 will be returning over the next few months to monitor plant growth and the impact of the revegetation on the environment.

On Thursday 2.9 went to Wittunga Botanic Gardens as the launch to their STEM project this term. They travelled by public train with outstanding manners extremely mindful of the other passengers. On arrival the students met  Aaron Harrison their industry partner from the Department of Environment and Water. After a tour of the gardens Aaron introduced the problem which the students need to solve. He remarked on how engaged the students were and the quality and quantity of their questions.

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