Congratulations & thanks

We wish to both congratulate and thank our Year 3 Black mixed Basketball team, led by their coach, Nick, for the behaviour, care and respect shown to their opposition at the game played at Springbank stadium last Wednesday.

On Friday afternoon, our school was called by the coach of the opposition. This coach described our team of players as “the best display of sportsmanship she has ever was absolutely heart was the kind of behaviour you see on Facebook which makes you cry – in a good way”.

The coach went on to tell me how our team ensured our opposition scored.  The team encouraged the opposition to take shots and pass the ball (even ceasing defending or intercepting to ensure they had maximum opportunities), and they ‘high fived’ them when they did score, sharing the joy with them.

Our basketball team made a real difference to their oppositions first basketball experience.  Mr Filer and myself are incredibly very proud of all our players who demonstrate this level of sportsmanship, and thank our coaches who encourage this type of game play.  We recognise many teams are equally as caring, and we wish to thank everyone who represents our school in this way.

Thank you and Congratulations.

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