Change of dates for term 3

It has been necessary to change some dates for a number of reasons, for upcoming events for term 3, so it is important that I update our community. These changes have been approved by our Governing Council. I apologise for any inconvenience.


Open Night/Art Show          Wednesday the 2nd of September  5-7pm. Our Open Night will feature our bi-annual Art Show in the Hall, Sir Mark Oliphant Science awards in the STEM space and all classrooms will feature student writing submitted as part of our Writer’s Week celebration.

Sports Day                                Thursday the 3rd of September

School Closure Day               Friday the 4th of September

The following dates remain the same but it is important to remind our community of these upcoming events.


Student Free Day                                      Monday the 17th of August. All staff undertake Numeracy T and D with Maureen Heggarty. Students do not attend.


Writer’s Week/Book Week Parade  Wednesday the 26th of August








Student Free Day-no change-Monday 17th


5 thoughts on “Change of dates for term 3

  1. I just noticed that the official book week dates are later this year due to COVID-19. Are you aware of this?

    CBCA Book Week 2020 will now be held in October on the following dates: OCTOBER 17-23 2020

    1. Thanks Tamra-yes we are aware of the change of dates for Book Week but have continued with our plans, as the focus here at Brighton has always been on writing. In fact we call it Writers Week/Book Week. For most of this year, but particularly this last term, class teachers have been talking with their students about producing a text, of any type, that will be presented to a judging panel. These are judged and student efforts recognised. Every student contributes their best effort. This has been a tradition here at Brighton for many years. In light of this we believed it was important that we honoured our commitment to our students being authors and proceed with our Writers Week focus.
      Writing is a huge focus as part of our Site Improvement Plan and continues to be a priority.

      1. Thanks Ian – this is our 8th year and I love going in and reading some of the short-listed stories written by the kids. I am always amazed by the quality of writing at every age, I certainly never wrote stories like these! And with the additional focus recently I have seen the results with our daughter’s writing just absolutely flourishing. You’re certainly doing a great job teaching the kids how to write engaging stories. I appreciate the reason for your decision – my only concern was that it’s also lovely that all schools embrace book week together and it becomes a wider community event, which won’t be the case this year. But then what has been normal this year? Keep up the great work – everyone’s been exceptional.

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