Do you have a child in Year 5 or Year 6 this year?

It’s that time where we start preparing for next year’s Canberra Camp. Coming home today, (22/7/20) you will be receiving a note about information sessions for both Year 5 students and Year 6 students about the 2021 Canberra Camps, as well as a few of the other festivities that will be happening next year.

Both of these sessions will be taking place next Tuesday in the hall. The session for the Year 5 families will begin at 5.30 pm, and the Year 6 session will start at 6.45 pm. To respect COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing measure, ONLY 1 PARENT CAN ATTEND AND NO STUDENTS. There will be a PDF uploaded to your child’s class Seesaw the following day so that you can share the information from the night with your child and other family members. It is expected that all families send one representative to hear this information.

Finally, on the note that has been sent home today there is a ‘Confirmation of Attendance’ slip that MUST BE COMPLETED BY ALL STUDENTS before Wednesday the 5th of August. We need this back ASAP so we can confirm numbers for flights and send out deposit invoices.

We are looking forward to meeting you next Tuesday.

Candice Martin & Aaron Lindsay
2021 Canberra Camp Coordinators

5 thoughts on “Do you have a child in Year 5 or Year 6 this year?

  1. I share a similar sentiment. The expectation of confirmation of attendance and deposit in such a strict timeframe is an unbelievable expectation given the current climate of COVID-19. To expect parents to handover up to 1.6k (non refundable) for a camp that quite likely may not be possible is beyond belief. Virgin (preferred airline) is in receivership. There is so much uncertainty in travel right now and into the foreseen future. To expect a collective of parents to hand over approx 240k with high possibly of not getting anything out of it is not ok. I have floated the idea of this trip to a variety of people outside of the school and I must admit, most have found it laughable. I wonder what the Education Department would have to say if they were funding some of the expense (eg teachers/principals travel). I am sure they would advise otherwise. And maybe they have already?
    Why not use this opportunity to travel within in our own state? Explore KI or Flinders Ranges.. Canberra would be a fantastic trip but you have to remain agile and adapt to situation. Worth noting, there are kids in year 5 currently that have never had the opportunity to attend a camp, and I have a feeling if Canberra is their only option, then unfortunately for them, they will never have attended a School camp during their Primary school years, which would be sad. Maybe you should have been more upfront with parents, and let them know that not only the deposit is non refundable, but the balance Is too. I am fairly certain if parents were aware of the risk of losing 1.6k in the current climate, and compare that to a camp in SA, Then Canberra may not be the favourable option. Even in a perfect scenario and if Virgin is up and running, if they reduce flights early next year, who can guarantee it’s not the flight booked. No one can.
    That’s my thoughts anyway, and as much as I would love my son to go to Canberra with his mates, the chances of a trip like that being cancelled last minute is highly likely, and I’m not sure I want to risk that. I am sure some other parents feel the same.

    1. Hi Kym-hopefully you have read my recent posts which indicate the correct information. Poll results so far do not concur with what you have stated about other parents.

  2. Is it really the right time to be asking for confirmation of attendance at a camp which may or may not be able to go ahead, given that we are still in the grips of a global pandemic? I realise life continues but surely planning these camps for later in the year next year would be a sensible option. I don’t know how I can say I can confirm my daughter’s attendance when there is currently a mandatory 14 day quarantine period imposed for return travellers from NSW and the ACT. We have no way of knowing, by the 5th August, what things will look like come February and March next year. As such, how can we possibly confirm attendance and lock ourselves in to a non-refundable deposit?

    1. Thank you for your comment Tom. We acknowledge your concerns and I am sure others have similar queries. Please come to the information night where your questions will be answered. Candice and Aaron have considered the implications of COVID and will explain the process we need to follow to ensure the best outcome for our students.

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