School Uniform Review

On Monday 15th June the uniform committee met to discuss the current uniform policy that was approved by Governing Council in May 2018.

We would like to confirm the 2 year grace period of uniform rollover has closed/ended.  Some of the items discussed were:

  • As of now, only school jumpers, grey and yellow embroided/logo polo’s and school jackets are to be worn. This means, black hooded tops, jumpers and cardigans can no longer be worn.
  • ANY store purchased black parka can be worn outside.
  • School uniform shop will remain closed and all sales are available via QKR! We will open the uniform shop at the beginning of the year for a couple of weeks and at the end of year for Foundation Transition visits etc. new students to the school.
  • Measurements for sizing of uniform items will be added to QKR!.
  • Front Office staff will open as needed to help parents with sizing/ swapping items etc.
  • We are investigating avenues for the sale of second hand uniform.
  • The issues with the current batch of fabric used to make the grey polo’s has been acknowledged and we are pleased to confirm that the next order of polo’s will return to original fabric.

Please find attached a copy of our current Uniform Policy in place at our school.  Our Uniform Policy is up for review and we are keen to seek input from parents. Please do so by the end of week 2 Term 3 via or comment below.


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