Cyber Safety and Our School’s Response

Over the past few weeks we have seen an increase in cyber related issues with our year 4 to 7 students. This blog is a prompt to revisit cyber safety with your child/children and outline our school’s policy regarding managing these incidents.

There are several online games children play at home with a communication platform. Generally this can be a useful way to work collaboratively with a common goal as part of the game. It can however open the door to cyber attacks, where students make inappropriate, rude or offensive comments to others.

TikTok is the ‘flavour of the month’, with children creating all manner of videos for upload. What children struggle to understand is the implications of putting themselves online. Recently we have seen videos of students in their school uniform and created on school grounds after hours. This is of great concern.

Whilst on the school network the students cannot access these sites.

It is our school’s policy that any cyber behaviour that causes distress to another student, through harassment or bullying, whether it happens during school hours or after school, it then  becomes a school matter. Put simply, we will apply our behaviour management policy to inappropriate behaviours that affect the wellbeing of a student here at school. We do not want students coming to school who may have been bullied or harassed on line, worried that this type of behaviour will continue in the school setting. Students may be frightened to come to school or see the perpetrator at school, which affects their wellbeing and desire to be at school. School must be a safe place for all-students and staff. Suspension will be applied for serious inappropriate behaviours.

There are several links on the Online Learning Page should you need support.

For app specific information see,

We invite any parent, who wishes to discuss this further, to speak to Ian on any behaviour matter or myself(Christie) regarding cyber safety/use.


2 thoughts on “Cyber Safety and Our School’s Response

  1. The schools firm stance on bullying and cyber-bullying is admirable and very much appreciated! We are also very grateful for the informative talks that the school has presented to the children this term. They have made a big impact and have provided us with opportunities to discuss many important issues with our children. Thank you so much.

    1. Many thanks Simonne-we believe it is very important that students and parents are well informed with student safety our primary focus.

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