Brighton OSHC Electronic Attendance System

Hi Families,

As of 27/05/2020 Brighton OSHC will be using an electronic attendance system.

You will find the I-Pad with our eletronic attendance system in the hallway of the cottage, where the roll was before COVID-19.

To sign your child/ren in and out of Brighton OSHC all you will need to do is simply enter your pin code  (which will be your listed mobile number with us) and press arriving/leaving and then must select confirm this will be in the top tight of the I-Pad screen.

The screen will now go back to enter your pin.

If a staff member has previously signed your child/ren in or out, you will need to verify these times before you can sign your child/ren in or out.

Please make sure you have your child booked in for BSC/ASC sessions, if not their name/s will not show up in the electronic attendance system.

To make a booking at Brighton OSHC you can send a txt to 0488 238 223, email or write it in our diary next to the electronic attendance I-Pad.

If you have any issues with the electronic attendance system any one of our friendly educators will be happy to help you out :).


Ben Hepper

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