Library and Book Club Term 2

Welcome back to all our families,

As you may be aware our library is currently closed for student borrowing. Teachers are able to borrow books for their classrooms, and this will enable our students to have access to books during the school day.  If your children have books they need to return, they can still do this as the return box is currently located outside the entrance to the library.

In normal circumstances the brochure for Issue 3 would be distributed to students this week.  Scholastic Book Club has decided to put the brochure on their website as a Virtual Brochure.  You can access this brochure below.  All orders will be delivered to the school in approximately 4 weeks.  The last day to place orders is Friday 15th May.  Students will be advised when their orders have arrived.

Kind regards, Mandy

2 thoughts on “Library and Book Club Term 2

  1. Heya Mandy. Just wondering if the closed library is an education department directive as I’m struggling to see why its closed. Obviously there’s a reason but I can’t quite see it.
    Many thanks
    Simon Tait

    1. Simon-a school based decision as guided by the Federal Government’s position on local libraries. Many schools have also closed their libraries. Open come Monday.

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