Considering Buying a Device?

In response to several parent queries we would like to offer the following advice with regards to devices for home learning.

At Brighton Primary the platforms we will be using for home learning can be accessed most easily using an iPad. The year 7 community is solely using iPads as local high schools use this device.

Should you be considering purchasing a device for your child our recommendation would be an iPad regardless of year level. This is certainly not our expectation.

This decision is obviously for the parent to make and should you choose something different we will support you as best we can to access the online learning program.

2 thoughts on “Considering Buying a Device?

  1. Hi Bernadette,
    The only discount I am aware of is through Apple Education.

    As for specifications – any of the current iPads (excluding the Mini) appear to meet the needs of High School, giving consideration to the amount of storage over the lifetime of the device. It is impossible to guarantee that it won’t change over that period, but, based on current needs, the device should be fine in Year 7 & 8.

    As for the keyboard, that is a personal choice. I think there is plenty of merit in having one, and we are purchasing keyboards with our iPads in the school. However, you do not need to buy one at the time of purchase either, it can be bought as an add-on at a later date.


  2. I am considering buying a new iPad for my kids. Are there any discounts on purchase as it’s for school that you might be aware of? Does it need to be of certain specifications to be useful for year 7 and 8? Currently I have a year 5 student that I want to try and ensure the purchase is ‘future proof.’ Is buying a keyboard recommended also?

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