Online Learning – ‘Our Learning SA’

New website for continued learning

The Department for Education has released a new online curriculum portal Our Learning SA which is now live.

This site is an online collection of education materials and has been developed by department curriculum managers and expert teachers.

The site provides learning materials and activities across all learning areas in the Early Years Framework and the Australian Curriculum. There are materials that are appropriate for families as well as resources that are more targeted towards teachers.The new easy-to-use website supports:

·         continued learning between school and home

·         students with opportunities to work independently

·         parents and caregivers with resources and guidance to support learning at home

·         teachers with resources to support them teaching the curriculum.

This space has been created with urgency to support school and preschool communities in this challenging time and will continue to be developed over the coming weeks and months.

You will also find a list of online resources attached, compiled by Brighton Primary’s school partnership group.

Should you choose to keep your child/children at home please access these resources to ensure they continue their education during these testing times.

One thought on “Online Learning – ‘Our Learning SA’

  1. Thank you for the online resources, it will be very useful during this period of time.
    I would also like to thank you Ian, the teachers and the staff of Brighton Primary School, you have, and are doing a wonderful job of keeping the school going and providing very important information to us parents/carers. Hoping you are all keeping safe and well during these very trying times.

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