After School Sports Update – COVID-19 Response

Please find following the following updates with regards to our after school sports scheduled for this term:

Summer Sports

  • Basketball SA have suspended all School Miniball games until further notice.  All training sessions are to be ceased during this time.
  • SACA Community Cricket have cancelled all Schooling Programs including Master Blaster,  A, B and C grade games for the remainder of the term.  All training sessions are to be ceased during this time.
  • Volleyball SA are having their recommendation reviewed by the Board tonight and I will communicate their decision either late tonight or tomorrow morning.
  • Tee ball, no further games will be played this term.

All decisions re games and training will be, or have been, communicated with the players parent/carer from the team’s coach &/or manager.  Thank you to these support people for delivering the message and being a pleasure to work with.

Winter Sports (Terms 2 and 3)

  • I am inputting your child’s sports registration forms and will submit teams for registration as requested by the associations we work with.  We will wait and see what sports in term 2 look like.  My intention is our students will be ready when sports become available.

Thank you all for your understanding as we work around this unique situation.

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