After school Basketball: Reception/Foundation and Yr 1 Game Day is Friday

Good Afternoon

Apologies for the error and confusion regarding the Basketball game day for Reception and Year 1 students.  Forms have been printed and distributed with incorrect information.

Please forgive me, there has been 3 changes already this year with regards to this day, and I ended up very confused.

Game day for Foundation/Reception and Year 1 players is definitely Friday.



4 thoughts on “After school Basketball: Reception/Foundation and Yr 1 Game Day is Friday

  1. For those who have asked the location of Fri game, the response from Basketball SA is:
    “It will depend on how many teams we have, but I think it is safe to assume they will all be at Marion, as per last year”.

  2. Hi Jan Marie. On the volleyball info form it talks of a 4/5 team, but on the registration form it says 6/7 indoor or 5/6 beach
    Should that be 4/5 beach?
    Apologies if I’m reading it wrong

    1. Hi Catherine
      You are reading it correctly, I incorrectly wrote Yr 5/6 on the registration form for Beach volleyball – as you have said it should read Yr 4/5. Thanks for letting me know. No matter the amount of proof reading I do, I still let things slip. My apologies for the confusion.

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