One very important task we undertake this term is the establishment of classes for 2020. This is a very complex and challenging task which we dedicate a great of time and energy to. Below is the ‘Brighton Primary School-Class Placement Process 2020.’ ALL parents are encouraged to read this important document, as it clearly outlines how we go about this important task.

Parents MAY, if they wish, provide information regarding the placement of their child, but only if it is relevant. Parents are asked to complete the form, ‘Parent Input Class Placement 2020’ (which is available from either Sarah or Shenae in the front office), only if you believe such information is important. You can be assured that our teachers are very familiar with the learning and social needs of all children at our school.

If completing the form, we ask that parents do so by Monday the 28th of October-return the form to your child’s teacher or to the front office.

Feel free to talk to a member of the leadership team if you have any questions regarding this process.

Class placement process 2020



  1. Is it possible to please post a pdf of the form rather than pick up from the front office? – or use a fillable web form (using something like SurveyMonkey to make this process even more efficient. (It is likely difficult for some parents and carers to attend school office during school hours)

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