Reynella All Abilities Flyer

My name is Oscar Hofmeyer and I am a Year 9 student at Immanuel College. I am doing a major project at school, where I have to serve my community, and I have chosen to do this by raising awareness about a community program.

James and Jenni Niederer founded the program in 2011, after their son Callum, who has autism, asked why there wasn’t already a cricket program for kids like him. Callum has since gone on to represent SA at the Special Olympics in cricket.

I love cricket, and I want to give other kids the chance to enjoy the game because it has given so much to me.

The benefit of this program is it makes the children feel good about themselves, and gain a new skill.

I am writing to all schools and clubs within about a 20 minute drive of Reynella. While the program may not suit anyone directly associated with you, there may be people who have friends or family who would be interested.

Reynella all abilities flyer

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