National Week of Deaf People

National Week of Deaf People

National Week of Deaf People – 21 – 27 September 2019

We have a few activities planned for National Week of Deaf People  at Brighton Primary School this coming week for our students and school community. Our Deaf Adventurer’s will visit Warradale to  meet the CDE Kindy children, we are having Deaf Guest Speakers and the Deaf Senior Citizen’s Group will come and share their life experiences with our CDE students and we are hosting a special assembly.

The Assembly is Wednesday 25th September in Week 10, hosted by our CDE students on the courts. Come and help us celebrate National Week of Deaf People.

The National Week of Deaf People (NWDP) is a weeklong national celebration of Deaf individuals and the Deaf Australian community.

It is an opportunity for Deaf people to:

  • Celebrate their community, language, culture and history
  • Make the public aware of their local, state and national Deaf communities
  • Recognise their achievements

It is also an opportunity for organisations involved with, or wishing to be involved with the Deaf Community to:

  • Showcase their services and/or products
  • Build/maintain relationships with Deaf People
  • Be recognised for giving Deaf people a fair go

Please check out other events in Adelaide on the Deaf Can Do website:,social%20inclusion%20and%20communication%20barriers.

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