School Beanies

School beanies are now available!

The cost of the beanies are $15.00 each and come in two different  options and sizes;

  • with pom pom
  • without pom pom
  • standard child size
  • standard adult size

Today will be the last day that non-school beanies can be worn to school. If students would like to continue wearing a beanie, please purchase one through the QKR! app or through the school uniform shop opened tomorrow afternoon from 3-3.30pm.

Please find some pictures below. We look forward to seeing these around the school!


3 thoughts on “School Beanies

  1. Hi Anne-Marie, we do not have any child size beanies without pom poms as the children we surveyed all requested pom poms. However, the pom poms can be easily removed by snipping the light grey stitching on the inside of the beanie.

    Kind Regards.

    1. I have just tried to purchase 2 child beanies with pom poms and it is saying there aren’t any available. Have they all sold out again?

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