Tomorrow is Sue’s last day and on behalf of all staff, students and our school community I would like to sincerely thank Sue Gaardboe for her contribution to our school as our Assistant Principal, Innovative Pedagogies and Technologies over the past two and half years. As Principal I have appreciated Sue’s valued insight, her hard work and her energy driving our STEM teaching initiatives,  particularly over the past 18 months. Sue’s oversight of IT at Brighton has been impressive and I think our very clear 3 year plan has seen our IT functionality improve greatly. Sue’s significant efforts with our STEM redevelopment was a huge ask and the final outcome is truly something to behold.

As a member of the leadership team we have appreciated Sue’s honest and direct input and in particular her strong intellect and knowledge when discussing all things ‘curriculum.’ On behalf of our whole school community I would like to wish Sue all our very best as she undertakes her PhD-a very brave undertaking, but one I know she is very well suited to-her ‘calling’ I believe!

Thanks Sue and good luck.

Ian and everyone at Brighton

PS    The AP leadership role for the remainder of this year will focus on STEM/ICT and Writing, with two staff members appointed internally to undertake a one day release role in these areas. We are currently looking at what our new 3 year Assistant Principal role will be for 2020 and beyond. Once finalised, this position will be advertised externally and the new appointee will begin in January next year.


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