End of Term Assembly Cancelled/Performing Arts Showcase on Thursday

Our whole school end of term assembly, which is normally held on Wednesday,  has been cancelled this term and our  Foundation to Year 3/4 classes will attend a Performing Arts Showcase on Thursday morning instead.  The showcase has been put together by our performing arts/dance teachers and  will be held at 9 – 9.30am in the Hall.  I have included a list of the performances below.  Parents are most welcome to attend.

Hard Knock Life (Annie)

Specialist Singing Choir


Dancing Hearts (Year 1s)

Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell)

Jnr Choir & Uke group & Sam

Don’t Rain On My Parade

Emma Good

Himeji (Robyn Habel)

Festival Choir

Gravity (Lyrical Dance)

3-7 Dance Group

Million Dreams

Signing Choir 

Electric Youth

Willow & Rose ( 3.5)


Dancing Hearts (Year 2, 3, 4)

I am Australian

Jnr Choir, JP singing and Signing Choir


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