Hot Dog Day – Wed 19th June

Our next Hot Dog Day will be Wednesday the 19th of June (Week 8).

Notes will be sent in class boxes for students to bring home.

Just a reminder that there will be no other canteen orders on this day.

Thank – Mandy


5 thoughts on “Hot Dog Day – Wed 19th June

  1. Hi, I paid for the hotdog day as part of my child’s lunch order last Friday. I realise do after paying that I didn’t do it seperately on the hotdog day date. Will my child still get her hotdog?

    1. Hi Jenni
      Your child’s order for Hot Dog Day should have gone through okay on Friday, but we’d like to check. If you could ring Mandy at the canteen she will confirm it for you. She will just need your child’s name and Room number.
      Thanks Catharine

  2. Hi there, it is currently available to pay for on QKR (unless Iโ€™m missing it). The canteen just has the normal options at the moment. Thanks

    1. Hi Kirsteen
      The payment for Hot Dog Day has closed on QKR, but you can put money in an envelope and into the canteen box, no later than Monday please.
      Thanks – Catharine

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