Fee Increase in OSHC and Vacation Care

24th May 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

Re: Fee Increase in OSHC and Vacation Care

I write to inform you OSHC fees have recently been reviewed by Brighton Primary School Governing Council, and it has been decided to increase nursery fees from 8th July 2019 for Vacation Care and 22nd July 2019 for Before and After School Fees.

Operational Costs have been increasing in the last few years (since our last increase 5 years ago), in particular insurance, maintenance, equipment, materials, day to day costs and salaries.

Fees will be:

Before School Care: $15

After School Care: $25

Vacation Care: $65.

Please keep in mind your Child Care Subsidy will come off these fees.

A reminder for the families whom your CCS has been dropped off by Centrelink, please go to myGov and check your mail. We have been advised from other families they have had notices to accept enrolments or complete income estimates and were not aware the notices were there – hence their CCS has been withdrawn by Canberra.

Check regularly on myGov website on desktop or laptop for any letters, notices or updates.

If there is non-attendance for eight weeks your children will need to be re-enrolled.

Kind Regards


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