Update on Email Notifications

We want to start by saying how sorry we are that this is still an an ongoing issue.  We have tried many steps and methods to make the world’s email servers trust that our site/server is not a source of spam.  Nothing however has worked to date.

We have now opted for a totally different attack on the problem.  Rather than having the email come from within our own system I have now routed them out through GMail.  All your notifications will now come from “brightonprimary@gmail.com”, still containing the same subject “[ConnectEd@BrightonPS] Once Daily Digest Email”.

Please watch out for these as we attempt to see if this work around will solve the issue. Please also continue to be patient with us.  We hope that the cross posting to Facebook is aiding you in finding out about new posts.

***Please note that this email address is not monitored for incoming mail, so please don’t email it . Keep contacting us via the other address you have always used in the past ***

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